extension of due dates by MCA

MCA has issued a circular dated 28th January, 2021 wherein they have extended due dates for filing of forms AOC-4 and its variants – AOC-4 XBRL and AOC-4 CFS for the financial year 2019-20 accounts by a mere 15 days. This after much hand wrangling and blood pressure rising for professionals seeking to file the documents within impossible deadlines fixed by the government.

Already MCA site started misbehaving from two days previously itself by not loading, login not happening, frequent hanging up etc. MCA challans are not getting generated despite making the payments. So MCA has moved to a new technical partner and everytime that happens, the stakeholders have to suffer.

The new incorporation system, which is a cloud based system is a nightmare. There are lot of technical problems with the site, which the staff with limited knowledge at their call centre are not able to answer or provide solution to. Tickets are raised on the MCA site, which for days on end are in queue status.

Somebody said God save us, methinks even God will want to wash his hands off this disastrous system.

MCA circular is available at the MCA site for those who want to read it.

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