Last of the Breed

Louis L’Amour is my favorite author and this one does not disappoint. Brilliant story of a US air force pilot and a red Indian shot down and captured by Russians for information. Major Joe Mack is a Red Indian, a Sioux and knowing all the survival skills of his forefathers. He escapes prison by pole vaulting above the prison walls and then, in freezing temperatures, sprints across the cold, frozen Russian land and has to use all the skills of his ancestors to survive and be on the run for days, months and years. He meets a family of hunters and trappers, stays with them for a while, hunting meat for them and falling silently in love with the daughter Natalya. He is faced with with the guile of an Yakut, a Russian who has similar intelligence as him to trace him out of his hidings, Alekhin. He fears only Alekhin and has to constantly place secret snares and traps for his followers to fall to death. The deadly game of cat and mouse goes on for a couple of seasons with the KGB after his blood. Brilliant narrative as usual from Louis L’Amour – a pulsating, throbbing novel bought to life by the master. Goodreads 5/5

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