Strangers on a Train

Deadly psycho thriller from Alfred Hitchcock “Strangers on a Train” (1951) starring Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Walker, Patricia Hitchcock, Kasey Rogers among others.

Guy Haines (Farley Granger) is a tennis player of some repute and he meets on a train with Bruno Anthony (Robert Walker) who is a kind of a possessive, inquisitive, fiendish chap. Guy is going through some marriage problems with his wife Miriam Joyce Haines (Kasey Rogers) a diabolical scheming woman out to get her pound of flesh. She is double crossing Guy while going around with others. Bruno does not like his father. He suggests to Guy crossover murder i.e. both of them murder each other’s enemies, thereby the motive will be lost and both will be free.

Guy scorns at such an idea but Bruno does not give in. He follows up relentlessly and goes after Miriam and kills her in an amusement park. Guy’s cigarette lighter was left behind by him in the train which is used by Bruno as evidence at the scene of the crime. Guy does not go to the police immediately as Bruno warns him about their crossover plot.

Somehow Guy’s present love Anne Morton (Ruth Roman) comes to know of little things as Bruno seizes up when he espies Anne’s sister Barbara Morton (Patricia Hitchcock – daughter of Alfred Hitchcock in a delightful cameo role) as Barbara looks almost alike Miriam Haines.

Things get to a pass and there is a deadly climax scene involving the merry go around, which spins around uncontrollably after the operator is shot dead. Superb natural acting by Robert Walker, Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Patricia Hitchcock and Kasey Rogers. I thought there would be a twist in the tale towards the end, typical of Hitchcockian suspense. Unfortunately Robert Walker died immediately after this film was released, himself suffering from alcoholism and mental illness.

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  1. Jae

    Sounds very interesting. Where can we watch this?

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