Sherlock Jr.

Rip roaring silent comedy “Sherlock Jr.”(1924) directed by Buster Keaton and starring himself and Kathryn McGuire in the leading roles.

Buster is a movie projectionist while dreaming to be a detective also. He is in love with a girl Kathryn McGuire but has no money to buy presents for her. He buys $1.00 worth of gifts and presents to the girl as $4.00. Buster has a rival who is unscrupulous and wont to cheat and steal in order to win the girl. He steals the girl’s father watch, pawns it and buys more expensive gift for the girl.

The girl’s father finds that his watch is missing. The thief slips his pawn ticket into Buster’s coat pocket and upon finding the same, he is banished from the girl’s house.

While playing a movie, he starts dreaming that he is an accomplished detective and foils the crime involving theft of pearl necklace from the girl’s house. Meanwhile, the girl is also kidnapped by the thief. Buster spoils the thief’s party and wins the heart of the girl, that is in the dream.

Meanwhile on coming out of the dream, Buster finds Kathryn at his work place with apologies for treating him as a criminal. There are plenty of uproarious gags in the movie all beautifully filmed with timing perfection. Buster is dead pan comedian unlike Charlie Chaplin whose facial expressions are legendary.

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