Award winning Malayalam movie “Peruvazhiyambalam” (1979) directed by P. Padmarajan and starring Asokan, Bharath Gopy, Lalitha, Azeez among others.

Made in a new realist style subtly depicting the impact of violence on a society. Prabhakaran Pillai (Azeez) is a local goon who has gone to prison for 3 months on a female sexual violence charge. He comes back to the village and terrorizes people, kills the witness who gave him away.

Raman (Asokan) is a young kid staying with his two sisters. He is a hot headed young boy not given to servitude. Prabhakaran Pillai has raped one of his sisters. In a local festival there is a scuffle between the two which results in the death of Prabhakaran Pillai. Raman goes on the run.

He is saved by a local tea shop owner Vishwambaram (Bharath Gopy) who lodges him with a prostitute Devayani (Lalitha). She starts developing maternal instincts towards the boy. But the boy is restless, he wants to learn about news of his village and wants to go back.

In the end he goes back to the village and a small crowd gathers around him in awe of him. The film uses violence as a metaphor for respect, awe and leadership. Prabhakaran Pillai gains respect because of his violent streak but Raman garners respect because of his violence in ending another greater and evil violence.

Overall acting by everybody is superb, music by M.G. Radhakrishnan is brilliant. Padmarajan has used minimal lighting and special effects in the making of this movie. It won the national award for best film in malayalam in that year.

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