Apur Sansar

Satyajit Ray’s magnum opus The Apu Trilogy of which Apur Sansar is the final part.

The movie starts with Apu (Soumitra Chatterjee) an unemployed youth having studied upto intermediate, does not find a job anywhere in Calcutta. He gets by giving private tuitions. One day his friend Pulu (Swapan Mukherjee) lands up at his house and asks him to accompany him to his cousin’s wedding in Khulna.

Out there tragedy occurs when the bridegroom turns out to a mad person and as per tradition if the bride Aparna (Sharmila Tagore) does not marry within the auspicious hour, then she has to remain unmarried her whole life. Apu comes to the rescue and marries her.

They have nice love life going on, when she has to return to her village for her delivery. She dies giving birth to a boy which shatters the life of Apu. It is from here that Satyajit Ray degrades the character from a happy go lucky loving smiling young man to a melancholy, depressed, anguished person ready to throw away all advantages. Its so brilliantly done which is the hallmark of Ray in most of his movies. He did that in Mahanagar and Nayak also.

Soumitra Chatterjee has given the performance of his lifetime, probably one of his best ever. I am surprised that he did not win any award for this movie. Its an extraordinary acting performance by Soumitra. Sharmila looks stunningly beautiful as the young bride with her dimpled smile, she is gorgeous in the movie.

The movie had to take an unnatural end with her premature death in the movie. In Pather Panchali also, young Durga dies leaving her parents disconsolate and here the same happens to Apu. Music by Ravi Shankar is very good as is the camera work, cinematography, direction by Satyajit Ray. Brilliant series. I am yet to watch the middle movie in the series, though.

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