French movie “Subway” (1985) directed by Luc Besson and starring Isabelle Adjani, Christopher Lambert among others.

Fred (Christopher Lambert) stole something from the house of Helena (Isabelle Adjani) the wife of a rich industrialist, when she unwittingly invited him to a party after he opened the car door for her in a busy Paris street. What follows is the pursuit of those items, half of which were returned and half of which are still subject to ransom.

In the meanwhile Fred discovers a life in the subway with several people spending their entire lives amidst that filth and squalor. He has a life dream to form a music band, which he slowly starts forming with a rag tag band of musicians all plying their wares down under in the metro station.

Helena is also fed up of the rich bourgeois life being the wife of a rich industrialist and starts feeling some fondness for Fred.

Its a badly made movie, totally boring with nothing to interest the viewers apart from the beauty of Isabelle Adjani.

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