Edhir Paradhathu

Award winning Tamil melodramatic movie “Edhir Paradhathu” (1954) starring Shivaji Ganesan, Padmini among others.

Total tear jerker this one, right from beginning. Shivaji and Padmini love each other, then they make plans to marry, in the meanwhile he gets a chance to go to US for higher studies on government scholarship but the plane carrying him crashes and he is the only occupant, relatively unscathed save for the loss of his eyesight. Formulaic so far.

What happens next is bizarre. Padmini marries Shivaji’s father because he is rich and her family is in deep debts owing to the gambling habits of her brother. The old man finds out, he is aghast, runs away after bequeathing all his property to her.

Then he goes on a pilgrimage he finds Shivaji blind and begging somewhere, they unite and come back and Shivaji and Padmini unite, but she fobs him off saying she is already married. The dad then sends out a letter from Bombay that he has died and she can remarry.

In the meanwhile, Shivaji regains his eyesight and discovers who the real husband of Padmini is and all bedlam breaks loose. Every single minute of this movie is an emotional overdrive with long and heavy dialogues. Thankfully the you tube script which was grainy to begin with, had removed all the songs, so we were saved. Total overacting by everybody. imdb 2/10

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  1. Ramanan Gopalakrishnan

    Most movies with Shivaji were overly melodramatic with Shivaji over-acting all over the place!

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