Assamese movie “Aparoopa” directed by Jahnu Barua and starring Suhasini Mulay, Biju Phukan among others .

Its a nice poignant story of two woman in a small village in Assam. One Radha who wants to bring stage theatre to the village but the village folks feel endangered by her radical ideas and start a rumour campaign against her so much that she does not get married anywhere.

Another girl, Aparoopa or Roopa (Suhasini Mulay) is a wife of a widower tea estate owner who has no time for her being busy in managing his large tea estate. She is bored like hell, unproductive and childless. In comes Rana (Biju Phukan) who is visiting his ailing mother and who had a love affair going on with Roopa before he left for the Army. Rana is contented in the army and doesn’t want to come back to the village once his mother passes away.

Roopa feels the pangs of love grow up in her whilst Rana is around. What happens to Radha and what happens to Roopa in the end is an interesting contrast. A movie of much anguish, sadness, contemplation from Jahnu Barua which is his first film. He has interspersed the movie with lot of Assamese culture folk songs, dances and like which makes the movie quite fascinating. Its also the first Assamese film produced by NFDC. imdb 7/10

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