thoughts on Indian olympics – Tokyo

For me the greatest performance by Indian athletes in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the most goosebumps inducing, most awe inspiring is the one by the hockey players – both women & men. Women hockey team in beating Australia is the stuff that legends are made of. Men hockey team in beating Germany for the bronze is sheer guts and gumption.

Most brave performance by Bajrang Punia in winning a bronze medal with a dodgy knee and Satish Kumar is fighting a bout with stitches in his left upper eye.

Best battle cry from Lovlina Borgohain after qualifying for the semi finals.

Most unassuming performance by Ravi Dahiya, who won silver. Nobody expected anything from him, yet he quietly went about his job bravely.

Most heart breaking moment when Deepak Punia lost his bronze with only 6 seconds remaining. Inexperience perhaps.

Most stirring performance by Aditi Ashok, ranked 200th in the world, yet bravely attempting the impossible – Brilliant.

Neeraj Chopra winning only the 2nd individual gold medal for India – i hope it nurtures the belief that gold is not only for marriages and savings, as one gold bumped up our medals position from 66th to 47th. Woah!!

Most disappointing performance from the shooters and archers – all hype and sound and fury. Had they done their job well, we could well have gone above double digits medal tally.

Biggest flop show – Vinesh Phogat and Deepika Kumari – both no. 1 ranked in their sport, yet both failed. Deepika in her 3rd Olympics, yet fluffing her shots and not even giving a fight, is inexcusable.

I hope the Govt. reduces the duties on imported sports equipments to say, 2% and builds massive sports infrastructure in the country. They should learn from small countries like Belgium, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands etc. on how to create and nurture a sporting eco system in the country.

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