imports of GM soya cake

Government of India has relaxed the rules for import of crushed and de-oiled GM soya cake (Non-living organism only). This is going to benefit the farmers, poultry farmers and fishermen in a big way.

Application of provision as in Condition 6(b) of General Notes Regarding Import Policy Schedule — I (Imports) of the ITC (HS) 2017 has now been relaxed to allow imports of 12 Lakh Metric ton of crushed and de-oiled GM soya cake (only Non living organism) under ITC HS codes 23040020 and 23040030 from Nhava Sheva port and LCS Petrapole, till 31st October, 2021 or until further orders, whichever is earlier.

The said relaxation comes after clarification and prior permission from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change that “Since soya de-oiled and crushed (DOC) cake does not contain any living modified organism, this Ministry has no concerns and no objection for import of soya cakes from an environmental angle”.

Further, in order to ensure the import quantity of 12 lakh Metric ton is not breached, strict monitoring will be carried out by CBIC through the customs authorities at respective ports.

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