Libya’s forbidden deserts

Interesting documentary on Libya’s forbidden deserts presented by David Adams.

He seeks to retrace the journey taken by the Roman empire into the edges of the Sahara desert assuming it to end at Lectis but onwards he goes onto Tripoli, a bustling capital city, Ghadames, Gabron, Garama and the Akakus mountains in search of any trace of the Roman empire in these places.

He did find Roman coloumns at Lectis and cave sculptures and drawings at Garama and Akakus mountains, but they might have been made by ancient Libyans rather than the Romans. He was especially looking for evidence of chariots drawn by horses and he finds some semblance of the same in the Akakus mountains.

He also attended a Tuareg marriage ceremony which was as elaborate as it comes. Overall a good documentary to watch and know about Libya, but too much of footage was shown of Adams which was not good. The documentary is in narration plus some interviews so overall its a good documentary of a formidable place to visit. You can watch the documentary here.

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