The Boy who harnessed the wind

What a beautifully made movie “The Boy who harnessed the Wind” a Malawian based movie on true story life of William Kamkwamba, a boy genius who harnesses the wind power to bring electricity to his village and power the village pump to deliver water to his farm and others in the village.

Directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor and he stars himself as the boy’s father in a grim story of a typical rural village at the mercy of the natural elements. In one year, they had flash floods which destroyed their harvest completely, then the drought comes which ravages the country side, leaving everybody hungry and dying.

It is then that William who is a young bright student chances upon an idea to use wind energy to power electricity. First he tries on a small model which succeeds but for a large scale project, he needs his father’s bicycle to rotate and power the windmill using battery powered gadget.

Chiwetel has woven in a nice story of a family struggle, the political corruption, the sadness, love, family togetherness and affection to carve out a beautiful movie and in which he has acted absolutely magnificently. The boy acted by Maxwell Simba has also done an equally superb role as his mother Aissa Maiga and sister Lily Banda.

This is much like Swadesh made long time ago in which Shahrukh Khan a scientist builds low cost electricity to power rural homes.

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  1. loved this movie. that there is great determination.

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