Namibia – Africa’s last colony

Controversial documentary on Namibia, which was made in 1984 but released only in 2015, about the colonialism of Namibia by South Africa for more than 60 years until its independence in 1990.

This is a typical case study of what colonialism does to the people of the country who are colonized. Thousands and thousands of men, women and children are killed, people are arrested for no crimes, beaten and kept in jail for days and years on end.

There was widespread apartheid which South Africa practiced rampantly in Namibia, pumping money into white settlements but ignoring the black people. Everything collapsed in Namibia under the South African rule with health and education being the most severely affected.

It was very painful watching this documentary which was made stealthily by the people at the great risk to their lives. The hundreds and hundred who were tortured, maimed and killed by the colonialists bears a great tragedy to the human rights.

Namibia became free of the German occupation, which itself had killed thousands of Namibians but life became no better under the decades of oppressive South African regime. This is a brutal documentary which needs to be seen by a lot of people who tender to fascist mentality. Human rights is more important than anything else. Only human beings are capable of committing so much atrocities on other human beings.

You can watch this documentary here

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