Lasseter in Quest of Gold

A harrowing account of the expedition undertaken by Harold Bell Lesseter in 1930 in search of an elusive gold reef into the heart of Australia in its aboriginal territory.

Lesseter had apparently come across this gold reef as a young boy but forgotten about it for 30 years when he went about and into America in search of other jobs. But come 1930 he mounts an expedition in which several shareholders take interest, a company is formed, Board of Directors named and funds released for them to go into the desert in the hot summer months with Lesseter having only a vague idea of where the gold reef is located.

Skirmishes, fights between the members of expedition, harrowing tales of suffering from lack of water, trucks being bogged down in the marshy land, trucks breaking down, planes crashing and becoming derelict – all the sufferings and adventures become part of the history and the name Lesseter became famous in Australian legend and in the end the mystery regarding the gold reef remained what it was – a mystery.

Whether there was a gold reef, whether all this was a cock and bull story by Lesseter, whether he did find the gold and escaped or died in the outback – Interesting biography this, different from the usual ones. Goodreads. 3/5

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