10K race

My first on ground 10K race since mid February 2020 when i last did a half marathon at New Delhi. This time it was a 10k race nearby my house. Need to get accustomed to racing again, as i realised i had forgotten how to race. Just focused on keeping a steady pace. Have a great Sunday folks.


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2 responses to “10K race

  1. I ran my first race since February 2019 on Saturday.
    It was a 5K and I had to take it easy since I’m dealing with an injury.
    But my race instincts were there.
    I like to run up hills and I can’t help but try to pass the guy in front of me.
    Even in my condition, I’m still faster than a lot of guys who looked younger than me!
    It is nice to race in person again!

    • That’s true, race instincts did come back to me in the second part of my race, when the competitive spirit kicked in. I guess it will take some more races. Looking forward to another race next month.

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