Scot stunner

Who would have thought Scotland would stun Bangladesh, a reputed test playing nation in the T-20 world cup in Oman.

Yet that is precisely what happens in practically every world cup, when at least one among the minnows of the cricketing world stuns the arrogant overbearing gtest playing teams.

Now that Scotland has beaten Bangladesh, they should be given official T-20 status and allowed to play alongside the big daddys. Otherwise how will cricket spread to other nations, when now it is a preserve of only 9 or 10 countries. Any of the minnows team which beats the Big Daddys should be given automatic progression to the upper class berth.

Talking of the game, why are the wicket mics so loud that we are forced to hear the mindless chatter of the wicket keepers. Save us from that trouble ICC.

Chris Greaves, pictured above, held out for a resolute 45 in the lower stages and Brad Wheal showed the zeal to pluck Bangladesh out with his 3-24. Well done Scots.

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