The Empire in Africa

Deadly documentary on the civil war in Sierra Leone which killed thousands of people, amputated and maimed hundreds of its citizens including children as young as two and three.

The documentary starts with the peace accord between President Kabbah and the RUF Commander Foday Sankoh following years of fighting between them. Its all confusing as ECOWAS got involved with ECOMAG forces led by Nigerians who were immensely disliked by the Sierra Leonians.

The locals got fed up with the corruption in the government with majority of the mineral riches in the hands of the foreign corporations. The country has plenty of diamonds and De Beers is the major player there.

Some of the scenes and footages in the documentary is disturbing to say the least with tortures and killings being shown. I don’t understand what kind of force would want to amputate young kids. It was terrible. Atrocities were committed by the army as well as RUF forces and also the ECOMAG force.

Very sad commentary on the state of affairs of a poor nation in Africa. You can watch the documentary here.

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