A poignant comedy cum tragedy Malayalam movie “Bhagyaavan” (1993), directed by Suresh Unithan and starring Sreenivasan, Sithara among others.

Again a malayalam movie starts and dwells with unemployed graduate. Sreenivasan is down in the dumps with no job offers and no industry also to go and get employment. Instead he wiles away his time enacting plays for his the village fest. The drama flops but his destiny turns in a nasty way.

The village priest sees his horoscope and sees him as a lucky charm, but only for others, not for himself. The entire village descends on his house seeking to improve their fortune. And there are charlatans, scamsters, politicians in the fray as well.

Movie turns completely from comedy to tragi comedy and becomes a satire on many fronts – people’s superstition, rivalry, jealousy, political culture etc. Good strong script with super direction and some very super super fine performances by one and all – Sreenivasan, Narendra Prasad, Mamukoya etc. IMDB 7/10.

Image above taken from the internet for representational purposes only and not with an intention to violation of copyright.

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