Cheriya Lokavum Valiya Manushyarum

Loosely translated as Small World Big Humans, this movie, directed by Chandrashekharan and starring Innocent, Mukesh, MamuKoya, Jagathy Sreekumar, Thilakan among others, is a superb timeless comedy.

Surprised that there has not been an Hindi adaptation of this lovely movie. Four thieves meet accidentally and decide to collaborate in stealing and sharing the spoils. One such move lands them at the house of Thilakan who has been a thief of sorts for more than 35 years but is now retired.

He turns these four thieves around and makes them like a modern day robinhood, rob the rich to feed the poor. Lovely episodes and instances which lend a laugh riot. Surprising that a comedy movie becomes a tragedy in no time.

People suffer, sermons given, plots made, the scamsters are themselves scammed with no scruples attached. Superb movie for the ages. Beauty is in the script, with tight direction and reasonably good acting by one and all. IMDB 7/10

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