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Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach on a Sunday evening setting sun as the shimmering rays of the sun touches the water.
Game of volleyball being played on the beach without the net, but the spirit is very high.
Helicopter doing patrol, don’t know if it is coast guard or regular helicopter services.
Game of frisbee played, the throwing was very accurate.
Palm trees fringing the neighbour hotels.
Football on the beach, player preparing to kick in from the sideline.
And cricket of course, that was a smashing hit, you could see the ball careening towards the third man boundary.
Man selling his wares for the kids’ enjoyment. He needs to make enough money so that he can go home and feed his own kids. That is life.
Man flying the kite with his kid holding the thread for him. There were quite a few kites being flown on the beach.
The Juhu beach and skyline, being a Sunday, there were good crowds on the beach with families and kids galore.
Throngs of people on the Juhu beach enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening.
And the sun goes down on another day on the shores of Juhu Beach, Mumbai

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