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10k race in mindspace

Ran a 10K race at Mindspace, Malad, organised by BIG 3D Run on 15th July, 2018150718

It was very humid to start with, but with very heavy head winds, later on at about 7 kms or so, it rained like a sleet coming down diagonally from left to right. Shoe laces came off twice in the last couple of kms, slowing my pace down. Came in 62.01 mins for distance which was 10.12 kms. It was a straight flat track in two loops.

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Three wins, three styles


Mo Farah wins in 10,000 metres at the IAAF World Athletic Championships in Moscow. He remains in the background even running last in his first lap and then surging to the front at least three times once with Galen Rupp in tow. The Kenyans also do a bit of surging to the front for which they are famous. Mo Farah is like taunting the Kenyans by replicating their strategy and with a kind of dare devilry unheard of in long distance running, while the Ethiopians as always are all the time tucked in behind the front runners. Not for them is the surging tactic by the Kenyans and now the Somalian turned Briton.

Contrast this with the win of Tirunesh Dibaba in the women’s 10,000 metres at the same meet. 


This video shows here she is tucked behind the Japanese runner all through the distance except in the beginning when Shane Flanagan went up front and disappeared soon behind. Beautiful tactic by Dibaba to sit comfortably behind the leader who was doing a 74 second lap, which was comfortable for the Ethiopians. Her last lap kick was reminiscent of what Miruts Yifter did to his fellow runners at the same distance i.e. 10,000 metres at Moscow Olympics 1980.  Watch Yifter the Shifter in this video with his devastating last lap. 

Edna Kiplagat on the other hand bravely played the waiting game in the women’s marathon tucking behind Valentina Straneo for most of the distance except in the start when she took her time to pick up pace. She timed her kick to perfection by delaying it to the 40th km mark a very impressive move considering the humid and hot conditions in the afternoon at Moscow. One feels sorry for Straneo for bravely leading the race throughout but she still got her silver medal whereas the Japanese runner who was leading in the 10,000 metres throughout did not get any podium finish. 

Three wins by Long Distance Heroes in three contrasting styles. 


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