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Caravan to Vaccares

Another bustling, throbbing, edge of the seat thriller from the master story writer Alistair Maclean. My favorite writer, Maclean never disappoints. Maclean is probably the most comprehensive story writer that i have found. Each of his stories dwell on a different topic in a different country/ continent and he is masterful each time.

This time it is a story of the annual pilgrimage of the gypsies from all over Europe who descend upon Saintes-Maries for a week of fun, frolic and religion. Except that woven into that gypsy tale is something deceitful going on. Some of the gypsies are doing something illegal, there is a murder of one Alexandre and a sinister plot is brewing. Neill Bowman, an Englishman and Duc de Croytor a.k.a Charles the distinguished folklorist are in the midst of the intrigue. There are two English girls as well Cecille and Lila, come for the party. There is one Chinese couple also, but more Eurasians who seem to be keenly curious on the goings on and few bad gypsies Czerda, Searl, El Brocador, Pierre Lacabre, Ferenc and then there innocent, hurt gypsies Tina, Sara and their parents and in laws. Plenty of action up the mountains, down the river, in the bull ring, around the caravans. Maclean has kept the suspense in tact until the very end and with his flowing, beautiful narrative, this is one beautiful book to read. Goodreads 5/5

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South by Java Head by Alistair Maclean

Alistair Maclean is my favorite author. South by Java Head is a gripping, breathtaking book of vintage Maclean style. The plot takes time to evolve, situated as it is in the 1940s in the Pacific ocean where a desperate group of seamen are looking for a way out of Singapore out of the marauding Japanese invaders. Each of the character is invested with power and personality and the plot takes a lot of u-turns, twists and turns so typical of Maclean. The sinking of two ships and their flight across to an island away from some sinister machinations of which most were not aware of, makes this book a very engaging one. Maclean specialises in maritime stories and this one does not disappoint with its pulsating, throbbing narrative. Rating 5/5 – must read for Alistair Maclean fans. 

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