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Miss Sadie Thompson

Interesting 1953 movie “Miss Sadie Thompson” directed by Curtis Bernhardt and starring Rita Hayworth, Aldo Roy among others.

Based upon a story by W. Somerset Maugham, Miss Sadie (Rita Hayworth) arrives in American Samoa islands with a bang. Nobody knows her past, but the American soldiers stationed there don’t care a damn. She brings sunshine into their dull and dreary lives.

But there is a past, which nobody knows about, except the pastor, Davidson, who then forces her to go back to San Francisco to face her past and live through that experience. In the meanwhile she falls in love with a soldier Aldo Ray who wants her to go to Sydney and he will come later and marry her there and settle in Australia.

Twist in the story towards the end with a tumultuous and also a happy ending. Rita Hayworth has done a good role as the swashbuckling heartthrob. Other than that there is not much in the story. IMDB 3/10

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