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Mortu Nega

“Mortu Nega” an award winning film on Guinea-Bissau by Flora Gomes. 

War is going on against the Portugese and it is a war for independence from the colonialists so the nationalism is sky high. Diminga (Bia Gomes) wants to go to the frontier because her husband Sako (Tune Eugenio Almada) is fighting there. 

She reunites with her husband, but he ends up injured in the war. Diminga comes back to her village where she is welcomed back whole heartedly. Meanwhile Sako also comes back, but his injury has not gone yet. 

Just when independence is got, drought hits them and they all suffer because of that. There is a tribal village cultural dance and song which i think is to propitiate the rain gods. The rains do come in the end, which is the final shot of the movie, which the children dancing in the rain.

Bia Gomes has done a splendid role as Diminga. There is lot of pathos in the movie in the form of an untold grief, human tragedy with the war taking lives of innocent people, the tough, hard life of people, the sadness of people living with bare little essentials to go by, lack of education and all. IMDB 7/10  

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Brilliant satirical dark comedy Malayalam movie “Vadakkunokkiyantram” (1989) starring Sreenivasan, Parvathy Jayaraman, Innocent among others.

Its a landmark movie that subtly explores the dark side of a man, who is suffering from severe inferiority complex because of his short height and dark skin. The man (Dineshan) – Sreenivasan in an extraordinarily brilliant role marries the fair looking beautiful Parvathy Jayaram (Shobha) who is a dutifully cast wife in a traditional mould.

Dineshan’s suspicious nature and his lack of confidence plays out in various experiences that slays his mind to no extent. He starts imagining things that are not there and starts facing imaginary enemies and fighting with them. It starts of as a dark comedy but beautifully weaves into a satire on the perplexing nature of Dineshan to a tragedy when he is admitted to a mental hospital for treatment.

The movie won a clutch of awards from the Kerala state government but missed out on a best actor award to Sreenivasan for his exemplary portrayal of a besieged human being. IMDB 7/10

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Award winning Malayalam movie “Amaram” (1991) starring Mammootty, Mathu, Ashokan among others.

The movie is set in the fishing community of Kerala and for that Mammootty adopts that lingo spoken by the fisher community of an area. He is a poor fisherman with a small daughter to look after after the wife dies of medical neglect in his small village. So he vows to make his daughter a doctor.

Daughter Mathu does well in the school scoring top of the charts until she falls in love with her neighbour Ashokan who is a 6th standard drop out and fisherman to boot with no imagination on the higher studies level. Conflict arises between father and daughter on that issue and how it is dealt with forms major part of the movie.

Luckily there are no sub plot to divert attention like it happens in Malayalam movies. The Director Bharathan has kept the narrative neat and simple. It is the cinematography by Madhu Ambat which is breath taking to say the least, Every single frame is a visual beauty. Much kudos to him. Its a brilliant effort.

Power packed performances by Mammootty and Murali as his one time close friend turned rival. KJ Yesudas blows everybody away with his powerful singing which is magnificent to say the least. Music score by Johnson is also good. IMDB 7/10

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