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bank a/c details in GST

update from GST portal

Functionality to check and update bank account details.


How to add bank account in GST registration details.

A functionality to check status of bank account details update for the taxpayers who have taken new registration at GST Portal but have not yet furnished the same, has been introduced, in view of Rule 10A of the CGST Rules 2017. Such taxpayers are required to update their Bank Account Details within 45 days of the first login henceforth.

The taxpayers may login and update Bank Account details through Non-core amendment in the manner as specified in the below table. In case the taxpayers who had not updated bank account after registration and are also failed to update within 45 days of their first login henceforth, the system will prompt and force them to comply with the requirements.

Login to the taxpayer portalGo to ‘Services’Click on ‘Registration’Click on the tab ‘Amendment of Registration Non-Core Fields’Select tab ‘Bank Accounts’Add details of Bank Account (Account No., IFSC, Address, Bank Account type)Click on the verification tab, select authorized signatory, enter a placeSign application using DSC, E-sign or EVC

After completion of Bank Account update, a success message will appear on the screen, and the acknowledgment will be sent at the registered email and mobile phone. 

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Bank account KYC – address proof

RBI has clarified vide this circular that Banks should not harass customers for producing multiple address proofs. If they have given permanent address proof, then that is sufficient and therefore Banks have been warned from asking for too many proofs for the address of the customers.


2. In this regard, it has been brought to our notice that despite issuing clear instructions regarding the requirement of one proof of address whether permanent or current, some banks are still insisting on submission of a proof of address for the current address even when a customer produces a proof of permanent address, which prevents many prospective customers, especially migrant workers, from opening bank accounts.

3. In view of the above, banks are advised to ensure that customers are not unnecessarily asked to submit additional proofs of addresses for current addresses in cases where proofs of addresses for permanent addresses are already available. Banks are requested to confirm latest by October 17, 2014, that the above mentioned instruction has been communicated to all their branches and the same have been meticulously complied with.

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