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The Drill Project

The Drill Project, a breathtaking documentary on conservation of drills a sub species of monkeys found in the Bioko Island of Equitorial Guinea. This species of monkeys is hunted for its meat and although illegal, the prices are high in the market for the drill meat. The Drill Project is a conservation effort backed by the government of Equitorial Guinea. The documentary focuses on life in general in the Bioko Island forest which is a spectacular rain forest with a rich diversity of life in it. The documentary traces the life of one adult monkey who is injured in a human trap and unless he recovers sufficiently in time to mate, his future generation would be wiped off from the face of the earth. The government is focusing on educating the villagers as well as organising eco tourism by employing local guides to take tourists into the forests so that they earn a living as well as consider forest their home to protect. It is a brilliant documentary to watch on youtube.

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