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Showing Up

A documentary on a free fitness project in Boston called the November project that encourages people to come out and run and their tag line is “Showing Up”. Just showing up gives you more confidence that you can attain your goals and be a different person than what you are. They have given a few examples of people from differing backgrounds with difficult conditions – one was a double amputee, another was about to commit suicide and many others had esteem issues, family problems, weight problems – all of them come together as a big giant family and run. Running makes them free and more confident. Nice documentary.

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Boston Strangler

Documentary on the life and times of Boston Strangler who terrorised the streets of Boston in the years 1961 to 1964. Albert de Salvo having a rough childhood developed into a sex maniac and later on killing & raping women.  He was never caught, instead he landed himself to police net. He had been arrested by police several times before but never linked to any sex crimes.

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