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The Nubian Caravans

Fascinating documentary on the Nubian Caravans of Sudan.

Its actually quite a magnificent documentary on the harsh nomadic life of people in Sudan. It is presented in a narrative form with only one Doctor who studied in Romania talking about his tribe of people.

The documentary takes the viewers to Sinkat, the Hedendoa warriors, Sowakin, Jumna tribes, Bukhara tribes, Cassara mountains and the Rashida tribes. Each tribe has a different culture and tradition, some are pure nomads, some are settlers, some are rich, in terms of jewellery and some are rich Arabs who come from Saudi Arabia to purchase camels from here.

The camels also vary from one tribe to another, some camels are prized ones, some are fast, most are solid carriers of course. Water and vegetation is scarce in these parts, but where there is water body system, the marine life is rich in those parts.

The camera work and cinematography of the documentary is quite breathtaking to say the least. You can watch the documentary here.

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Interesting documentary on the life of a shepherd with his camel in the hot dusty desert of Balochistan. For days together the shepherd Kannar and his camel Askoo are together for companion, so he talks to the camel and there is a bond between the two of them. Askoo is used to drive the caravan together. Kannar feeds the camel and the calves camel milk. Once in a while Kannar gets to go to his family house to be with his wife and kids, where a camel race takes place before a marriage. Few times that Kannar got lost in the desert, it was Askoo who brought him back.

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