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The Andorra Hustle

Deadly and most explosive documentary on how Spain tried to subvert the Catalonian independence movement and in the process bringing down a reputed Andorran bank and its customers and employees and owners who all lost their monies and the employees many of whom are still facing prosecution and possible jail terms. Banca Privada D’ Andorra was charged with money laundering under section 311 of the US FINCEN Act which was enacted post 9/11. Multiple levels of money laundering accusations were thrown at the bank – from the Russian mafia, Venezuelans. The Big Four accounting firm was roped in to cook up stories while the main reason for the charge was to make the bank hollow and sell it to a US buyer for a pittance. But the real impetus for the action came from Spain which has been thwarting the Catalonian independence movement for more than 7 decades. The film maker very deftly maneuvers through the dubious machinations of the politicians, the corrupt judges who give lopsided judgements, and others to give a very explosive account of the real reason why a running, working, profitable bank was bought down. In the world of politics, nothing bars them from implicating anything and anybody under any law and sending multiple prosecutors one after another to indict a person. We have seen that happen in India as well. Very well researched and thoroughly meticulously made documentary. The Big Four, big banks, the US authorities, Spanish authorities are all complicit in this.

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