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Whispering Wind

An unusual tale from the master story teller Frederick Forsyth, this time from frontier west from Cheyenne territory.

The story begins in or around 1876, when Ben Craig, who is a frontier scout is recruited by the army to locate Indians scattered in and around the territory in order to evacuate them from their lands. Ben Craig himself is a Cheyenne Indian and knows more about their ways than the badly equipped army. He saves a girl Whispering Wind from the bad intentions of the army folks of doing rape and murder of the girl by allowing her to escape on a horse.

Upon coming to know of his misdeeds, the army General Custer orders his hanging the next day after a summary trial. In the meanwhile the Army is routed by the Indians and Ben Craig escapes with his horse and takes refuge in a cave to escape the blinding cold.

Indians take him into their fold and he starts loving Whispering Wind. But the traditions of Indians will not allow them to be together so they escape again. They are pursued by the Indians and also the army folks who are seeking revenge for what he did to their troops. Whispering Wind leaves him to take approval of her folks and return to him.

Fast forward to another hundred years when the cave is a kind of retreat for city folks to come and experience how the frontiersperson used to live hundreds of years ago. Whispering Wind comes back as Linda Pickett a school teacher with her wards to visit the cave. Ben Craig is still unaware of the time travel and falls in love once.

Forsyth has seamlessly merged centuries in this beautiful story of love, danger, bravery, all told in his inimitable style of writing. Goodreads 5/5

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