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Terra Sonambula

What a beautiful movie “Terra Sonambula” (2007) directed by Teresa Prata and starring Nick Lauro Teresa, Aladino Jasse, Helio Fumo and Ilda Gonzalez among others.

Its a Mozambican movie told against the backdrop of the continuing civil war going on in the country. A young boy Muidinga/ Gasper is seen wearily trudging along with an older man Tuahir (Aladino Jasse) trying to reach safely somewhere. They come across a ramshackle bus which has been burnt and the passengers inside charred to death. They decide to stay inside the bus for the night.

There Muidinga finds a diary which tells a story. As he starts reading the story, we are shown the story that of a young woman longing to find her son. That narration is by Kindzu (Helio Fumo) who is embroiled in a piece of conflict in another village, losing his entire family. He escapes by boat rowing day and night when he hits a larger ship.

Inside the ship is a woman Farida (Ilda Gonzalez) who tells her story of her lost son. She had been done in by her white master and had a kid who was a mixed race. She longs for her son Gasper. Both stories run parallel to each other and intermingle in the end in the most breathtaking and sad manner.

Its a movie of much sadness, grief, tragedy, despondency, hopelessness and also of love, hope, faith triumphing all odds. Aladino Jasse has done a magnificent role as Tuahir the old man who takes Muidinga along and protects him like his own son. There is lot of pathos in the movie and the way Teresa Prata has meshed the story is beautiful. Its a beautifully moving story, very well made. IMDB 9/10

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