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co-origination model

RBI press release dated 8th October, 2020 giving their statement on developmental and regulatory policies.

Review of the Co-origination Model
The Reserve Bank had, in 2018, put in place a framework for co-origination of loans by banks and a category of Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) for lending to the priority sector subject to certain conditions. The arrangement entailed joint contribution of credit at the facility level, by both the lenders as also sharing of risks and rewards between them for ensuring appropriate alignment of respective business objectives. Based on the feedback received from the stakeholders, to better leverage the respective comparative advantages of the banks and NBFCs in a
collaborative effort, and to improve the flow of credit to the unserved and
underserved sector of the economy, it has been decided to extend the scheme to all the NBFCs (including HFCs), to make all priority sector loans eligible for the scheme and give greater operational flexibility to the lending institutions, while requiring them to conform to the regulatory guidelines on outsourcing, KYC, etc. The proposed framework will be called as “Co-Lending Model”. The revised guidelines will be issued by end of October 2020.

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