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SEBI has decided vide its public notice dated 11th August, 2020 that going forward all complaints against listed entities, SEBI registered intermediaries and SEBI registered market infrastructure institutions have to be made only on the SCORES platform. People cannot anymore send complaints to the SEBI e-mail id or to the e-mail id of the officers of the SEBI. But even before this change, any e-mail sent to the SEBI e-mail id i.e. sebi@sebi.gov.in was never used to be attended. That was their apathy. I have sent so many mails against the mutual funds to the SEBI e-mail ids, but they never bothered to reply even, forget about redressing the same.

SCORES is an online platform on which the person who wants to make a complaint has to register himself giving his PAN and other details and nowadays there is a web application too.

Don’t know the efficacy of SCORES platform, since i have not tried it so far.

SEBI circular can be found here i.e .


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