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The Wish List

The Wish List by Martina Reilly is a nice heart warming, uplifting book about family relationships, grief, love, redemption etc. The book especially dwells nicely on the havoc wrought upon a young family when the man is into drugs. That is the central theme of the book, plus other redemption stories as well. Tony has a drug problem because of which he is in high debt and is forced to sell his house and settle elsewhere. He has a wife and two young kids. Next door to his new house is a grumpy old man who has his own problems in life following the death of his wife, which he has not been able to forget, thereby neglecting his own two sons, who are now grown-up. The elder son of Tony and Ally, looks upon Jeremy the old man as a Santa who will magically solve all his problems. Initially Jeremy looks upon that as a nuisance to keep away the kid, but increasingly becomes aware of his limitations. There is a coming of age with his own sons as well. Rehab of Tony and his relationship with his own young brother also comes up and also Ally’s relationship with her father. So there is grief, mis-understanding all around, redemption, love, courage in plenty. Goodreads 3/5

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