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saving the world one algorithm

This edition of The Age of A.I. looks at using A.I. to save wildlife and to catch poachers in time before they kill the wildlife, for which image recognition is the key. Climate change affecting the world due to food habits, eating meat, animals dispersing methane gas into the atmosphere. How to create meat based foods from plants, that tastes like meat but is not actually meat. Can A.I. save the world in terms of predicting earthquakes, tsunami, typhoon etc. Well in the field of earthquakes at least some research is going on to predict earthquakes before it happens. Using A.I. for agriculture, in terms of predicting the output in a particular region can save lives because then efforts can be made to grow alternate crops. Lack of food leads to lot of problems including riots. If A.I.  can predict famine then lots of life will be save. Machine learning, image recognition, predictive modeling are some of the tools A.I. uses to save the world one algorithm at a time.

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