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They Call it Murder

A 1971 murder mystery involving a possible insurance scam. I watched this movie only because the story was written by Erle Stanley Gardner, the famous crime writer of that era. Doug Selby is a D.A. in Madison County investigating a possible crime when a body is found near a pool in a large sprawling house. The house had Jane Antrim staying there with her invalid father in law and her mother had just come in to visit her. Jane’s husband Brian Antrim had apparently died of an accident a couple of years ago and there was suspicion regarding that. An insurance investigator was following that case smelling a rat. One thing leads to another bodies start piling up, A sanctuary for the alcohol relief persons is involved with the Dr. of that place doing something murky. Selby is on the right track when he interviews an actor who had stayed in the same sanctuary around the time that Frank Antrim, the father in law had been there for treatment.

Nice fast paced movie with lots of action, not any great stars, but riveting sure enough. Gardner doesn’t disappoint his fans with his novels and here also there are plenty of thrilling stuff.

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