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The Oldest Son

Beautiful Korean movie “The Oldest Son” (1984) starring Shin Sheong-Il, Tae-Hyun-Sil, Kim Il-hae and directed by Lee Doo-young.

Its a moving family movie around the love between parents and their children, and the responsibilities of the oldest son towards his parents and his family members.

The eldest son is the ideal one, studied well, and working in a top position in a company, with a family to boot including a perennially nagging wife who is always complaining about this and that. There is another son who is a do nothing sort of person and a third son who is quite young and dating a waitress.

The parents are forced to live in Seoul because their ancestral home has been washed away in the floods, so they are like forced to stay in one of the children houses. There is always the family tension, expenses, wife beating, children crying etc. to deal with.

The story is somewhat similar to the Tokyo Story made in 1954, which was an iconic film. The ending is quite beautiful and poignant. Makes one feel for the love between parents and children, its quite beautifully shown.

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Edhir Paradhathu

Award winning Tamil melodramatic movie “Edhir Paradhathu” (1954) starring Shivaji Ganesan, Padmini among others.

Total tear jerker this one, right from beginning. Shivaji and Padmini love each other, then they make plans to marry, in the meanwhile he gets a chance to go to US for higher studies on government scholarship but the plane carrying him crashes and he is the only occupant, relatively unscathed save for the loss of his eyesight. Formulaic so far.

What happens next is bizarre. Padmini marries Shivaji’s father because he is rich and her family is in deep debts owing to the gambling habits of her brother. The old man finds out, he is aghast, runs away after bequeathing all his property to her.

Then he goes on a pilgrimage he finds Shivaji blind and begging somewhere, they unite and come back and Shivaji and Padmini unite, but she fobs him off saying she is already married. The dad then sends out a letter from Bombay that he has died and she can remarry.

In the meanwhile, Shivaji regains his eyesight and discovers who the real husband of Padmini is and all bedlam breaks loose. Every single minute of this movie is an emotional overdrive with long and heavy dialogues. Thankfully the you tube script which was grainy to begin with, had removed all the songs, so we were saved. Total overacting by everybody. imdb 2/10

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Panitheeratha Veedu

Award winning Malayalam family drama film “Panitheeratha Veedu” (1973) directed by K.S. Sethumadhavan and starring Prem Nazir, Nanditha Bose, Bahadoor, Alummoodan among others.

Basically too many sub plots with the under current of grinding poverty, depression, misery, dejection, in each of sub plots. Prem Nazir is not able to give relief to anybody who look upto him, because he himself is under a cloud with his family suffering from a violent father, abject poverty and unhappy mother & sister.

Story of a young Leela who is being forced into prostitution by their foster parents, estranged father & son, violent family battles, sad life of an unwed mother – all heady mix of emotions, sadness, grief in this family movie.

There were long shots of Prem Nazir walking – don’t know what it means. Shobana has done a good role as the young Leela, was very authentic. Others are okay, Prem Nazir is more like a confused aatma in the movie. The title means “Unfinished House” its a metaphor for unfinished agenda, but whether he is able to fulfill it is not shown in the movie because the last shot is of him leaving in a train from Ooty station. There probably could have been a sequel to the movie.

Lovely songs by M.S. Vishwanathan and P. Jayachandran saves the day somewhat.

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Umaj Padel Tar

Lovely award winning Marathi film “Umaj Padel Tar” (1960) starring Ramesh Deo, Chitra, Durga Khote, Datta Salvi among others.

Its based on the theme of problems within a rigid heirarchical joint family system in India, where doubt, jealousy, suspicion, revenge can destroy families. Ramesh Deo and Chitra are happily married he being a motor mechanic having his own garage, Durga Khote being his loving doting mother.

A rival family which is high flying high society types lawyer and his wife but no substance within, plot their downfall through some nefarious games. Rift happens in the family, angry words exchanged, wife stomps off to her father’s house.

The plot is unraveled by the lawyer’s father who knows his son only too well to be taken in his wiles and guiles. All’s well that ends well with lots of lessons learned.

Nice simple plot with rich script and dialogues, not too emotionally heavy. Good accomplished acting by Ramesh Deo, Chitra, Shanta Jog, Datta Salvi, Durga Khote, its a kind of a rich star cast but everybody has played their part well, no overacting by anybody. It got the national award in 1960 for best feature film in Marathi.

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