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Unbreakable: Western States Ultra

Amazing documentary film on Western States Ultra featuring some of the top notch ultra runners in the world – Anton Krupicka, Killian Jornet, Hal Koerner (two time defending champion of WS 100) and Geoff Roes, unbeatable at 100 miler. The movie also features Gordon Ainsleigh, the first runner to do the WS100 in under 24 hours way back in 1974. There is quite a lot of footage of the actual trails, which is quite good and then there are whole of snapshots about each of the above runners’ background, their families, their work etc. what motivates them etc. Tremendous amount of crew support is there for the WS 100 and probably requires humongous amount of organisation and co-ordination. No wonder WS 100 is ranked among one of the topmost and most coveted ultra races in the world. The movie is quite brilliant, it follows a linear pattern, the camera work is quite good considering that most of the shots were on a rocky path requiring quite a bit of hand eye foot co-ordination. Required watch for all runners around the world. This is the stuff that legends are made of. The winner came in 14.07 hours, which is quite incredible is’nt to run 100 miles in that time. Crazy.

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