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Gobi Desert Ultra Marathon

Brilliant documentary on New Zealander Lisa Tamati running the Gobi desert ultra marathon in 2010 a gruelling 250 kms stage race through some of the toughest terrains in the world, steep hills, desert, sand dunes, river crossing, bamboo forest, swamp, path full of stones, rocks, pebbles in temperatures going upto 55 degrees centigrade and down to below sea level. Only the craziest of people can attempt such mind numbing feats. Its part of a series of running in desert in various continents, called Racing the Planet a series of 5 ultra marathons in Gobi desert, Georgia, Namibia, Atacama desert in Chile and Antartica (source https://www.racingtheplanet.com/) .  Lisa Tamati has herself run a lot of ultra marathons over the last 25 years (source https://www.lisatamati.com/). Good documentary to watch for those interested in extreme endurance sports

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