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The Gunfighter

Lovely American western movie “The Gunfighter” (1950) directed by Henry King and starring Gregory Peck, Helen Westcott among others .

Jimmy Ringo (Gregory Peck) is known as the fastest draw in the west and nobody ain’t matching him for that. A young reckless cowboy infuriates him forcing Jimmy to draw and the kill the young kid. His three brother wants revenge.

Jimmy heads to Cayenne where he hopes to meet his estranged wife and kid whom he has never seen so far. He runs into Marshal Mark Strett (Milard Mitchell) who is his old friend and treats him well, but urges him to leave town as soon as possible. His wife Peggy (Helen Westcott) refuses to meet him.

Meanwhile another daring young policeman needles Ringo for a draw but Jimmy refuses to get involved. He just wants to meet his wife and kid and leave. The three brothers meanwhile arrive into town for a showdown.

Nice clean movie with very little gun fight unlike what you normally see in western movies. In fact there is hardly any gunfight around save for one or two. Gregory Peck is nice and restrained and mature acting skills do him too good. Milard Mitchell as the sheriff has done a reasonably good job.

Lot of excitement in the movie, lots of human interest without too much of emotional showdown. There is a kind of a legacy for good honest gunners in the wild west with the underlying theme being either them or me. IMDB 8/10

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The Omen (1976)

Nothing like revisiting an old classic The Omen (1976). This one along with Jaws and The Exorcist were three cult movies that came along in that era. We were in the college when it released in the 70s in the US and of course those days, movies used to take years before they were shown in Indian cinemas. And in those days we had to watch movies in the cinema theatre only, there was no OTT platform or handheld devices then. The story everybody knows by now. Gregory Peck has done a super role as the father of the devil child and Lee Remick as the mother. Nice screen play when you think of it, you might as well believe that anti christ is coming. I remember some of the shots in the movie were spectacular for instance the nanny hanging from the roof, the photographer losing his head to a mirror, the padre getting impaled and the mother falling from the hospital top floor. Of the three, Jaws keeps coming back sometimes on the TV channels, but never seen Exorcist or the Omen being shown on the telly. Watched The Exorcist few months ago, and boy that was a really freaky one. Never seen any horror movie better than the Exorcist. Cult movies!!

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Mirage (1965), an intense psychological drama thriller movie starring Gregory Peck, Diana Baker among others. Shot entirely in black & white, the plot is convoluted and confusing to begin with because David Stillwell (Gregory Peck) is himself confused. He does’nt remember anything for two years or who is Shela (Diana Baker) or why she meets him or what is happening to him. Strange things are happening to him. He goes to a Dr. Broden, a psychiatrist who tells him its impossible to have amnesia for two years. He then hires a detective Caselle (Walter Mathau) to find out more about him. In the meanwhile all his troubles start when Charles Calvin (Walter Abel) falls down from his 27th floor office. Whole of lot of confusing plots thrown here and there, quite like a Hitchcockian suspense movie. Very slowly its starts unravelling for Gregory Peck as it does for the viewers. Brilliant acting by Gregory Peck and Diana Baker. Lot of action towards the end, but i would’nt want to reveal the suspense. Worth the watch for the beautiful screenplay and Gregory Peck and the beautiful Diana Baker.

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