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Banking Ombudsman Scheme

RBI has introduced a single integrated ombudsman scheme for the entire banking and financial services sector. It includes within its ambit, all commercial banks, regional rural banks, co-operative banks, NBFCs which accepts deposits or which has assets exceeding Rs.100 crores and all system participants. Procedure for redressal of grievance under the Scheme is given in Chapter IV of the Scheme.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (10 of 1949), Section 45L of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 (2 of 1934) and Section 18 of the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 (51 of 2007), and in supersession of its Notifications Ref. (i) CEPD. PRS. No. 6317/13.01.01/2016-17 dated June 16, 2017; (ii) CEPD. PRS. No. 3590/13.01.004/2017-18 dated February 23, 2018; and (iii) CEPD. PRS. No. 3370/13.01.010/2018-19 dated January 31, 2019, the Reserve Bank of India, being satisfied that it is in public interest to do so, and to make the alternate dispute redress mechanism simpler and more responsive to the customers of entities regulated by it, hereby integrates the three Ombudsman schemes – (i) the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006, as amended up to July 01, 2017; (ii) the Ombudsman Scheme for Non-Banking Financial Companies, 2018; and (iii) the Ombudsman Scheme for Digital Transactions, 2019 into the Reserve Bank – Integrated Ombudsman Scheme, 2021 (the Scheme).

2. The Scheme covers the following regulated entities:

  1. all Commercial Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Scheduled Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks and Non-Scheduled Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks with deposits size of Rupees 50 crore and above as on the date of the audited balance sheet of the previous financial year;
  2. all Non-Banking Financial Companies (excluding Housing Finance Companies) which (a) are authorised to accept deposits; or (b) have customer interface, with an assets size of Rupees 100 crore and above as on the date of the audited balance sheet of the previous financial year;
  3. all System Participants as defined under the Scheme.

3. The regulated entities shall comply with the Scheme from the date of its implementation.

4. The format for filing a complaint under the Scheme is annexed.

5. The Scheme shall come into force from November 12, 2021.

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SCORES platform

SEBI has vide its circular dated 14th October, 2021 opened up the SCORES platform for companies intending to list its securities on the main board as well as on the SME/ Debt platform of the exchanges.

In case of listing on main board, the Draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) should have been filed with SEBI and in case of SME/ Debt platform, either an application to list its securities has been submitted or in-principle approval has been obtained from the stock exhanges. Only after these events has taken place, can an intending company get the SCORES registration done. The compliance officer of the company should submit a declaration signed by him and attach it with the online application.

You can read the circular here.


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insurance ombudsman rules


The Government on 2nd March 2021 notified comprehensive amendments to the Insurance Ombudsman Rules, 2017, with a view to improve the working of the Insurance Ombudsman mechanism to facilitate resolution of complaints regarding deficiencies in insurance services in a timely, cost-effective and impartial manner.

The amended rules have enlarged the scope of complaints to Ombudsmen from only disputes earlier to deficiencies in service on the part of insurers, agents, brokers and other intermediaries. Further, insurance brokers have been brought within the ambit of the Ombudsman mechanism, by empowering the Ombudsmen to pass awards against insurance brokers as well.

Under the amended rules, the timeliness and cost-effectiveness of the mechanism has been substantially strengthened. Policyholders will now be enabled for making complaints electronically to the Ombudsman and a complaints management system will be created to enable policyholders to track the status of their complaints online. Further, the Ombudsman may use video-conferencing for hearings. To enable access to relief through the Ombudsman mechanism even when there is vacancy in the office of a particular Ombudsman, provision has been made for giving additional charge to another Ombudsman, pending the filling of the vacancy.

A number of amendments have been made for securing the independence and integrity of the Ombudsman selection process, while also building in safeguards to secure the independence and impartiality of the appointed persons while serving as Ombudsmen. Further, the selection committee will now include an individual with a track record of promoting consumer rights or advancing the cause of consumer protection in the insurance sector.

The Ombudsman mechanism was administered by the Executive Council of Insurers, which has been renamed as the Council for Insurance Ombudsmen.

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grievance redressal mechanism in banks

RBI circular dated 27th January, 2021 on strengthening the grievance redressal mechanism in banks. Details are in the above circular.

Does’nt look like much because banks are being asked to give more disclosures on complaints against banks, recovery of costs from banks for the complaints received against them, undertaking intensive review of the grievance redressal mechanism and supervisory action against banks that fail to redress customer grievances.

For me, it looks like eyewash to fool the gullible public, because banks are totally insensitive to customer grievances. They just don’t care as long as their salaries are given to them.

In my office complex there is on ATM machine of Bank of Baroda, every time i go there to withdraw money, it asks for all the details including the PIN and the amount and then comes the message “unable to dispense cash now”. Bloody hell, if there is no cash in the machine, then why does it not pop a message immediately on inserting the card. Secondly i have tweeted against this to BOB and their MD numerous times, yet nothing seems to move them. They just don’t care.

Now after the merger of public sector banks, the internet banking portals of banks have gone haywire. Allahabad Bank has merged with Indian Bank. Post merger, i find the Indian bank site acting very funny, sometime it loads, and sometimes it does’nt login at all. After login the site hangs up frequently, and that too after entering the transaction password. How the hell are we supposed to do any digital transaction if such is the situation. The so called Digital India initiative of the PM is all crap. Backend infrastructure is all lousy. Again i have tweeted numerous times to the Indian with cc to RBI, but nary any action on this matter.

These are just two of the instances of rotten customer service by banks that come to my mind immediately. I am sure there will be many.

Its as we say in India, ram bharose zindabad!!

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