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Revisited an old classic, the 1972 Koshish made by Gulzar, starring Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri, Dina Pathak, Asrani amongst others. And boy, what a magnificent movie this is – a timeless cult classic. Of course this was based on the Japanese movie “Happiness of Us Alone” made in 1961 but still it required a Gulzar genius to craft it. Brilliant screenplay and dialogues from the start with mind blowing performances from practically all the main cast including Sanjeev Kumar who has performed out of his skin in the role of a deaf and dumb and for which he won a National Best Actor award. But it is Jaya Bhaduri who has probably played this as a role of her lifetime, essaying her role as the deaf and dumb innocent girl to perfection. Pity that she did not get any award, for which i thought she richly deserved it. In fact, she is the soul of the movie. Its a pity that Gulzar had to remove her from the scene towards the end, which i thought he should not have done. The story everybody knows, so i am not dwelling into that. Dina Pathak as the mother of Jaya Bhaduri has played a magical role as has Asrani as the devilish brother who steals from his own sister. Om Shivpuri as the blind guy so its like magic Om cannot see but hear and talk whereas Sanjeev and Jaya can see but not hear and talk and yet they become the best of friends, relying on each other. All of them have acted magnificently. They don’t make such movies nowadays, do they? In 1972 they used to call them as deaf and dumb, but today they are called as hearing impaired and so on and rightly so.

Apparently there is a Tamil version made in 1977 starring Kamal Hasan and Sujatha. So that is the one worth watching, merely for Kamal Hasan acting.

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