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enhancement in IMPS limit

RBI has vide its press release dated 8th October, 2021 announced the increase in the IMPS (immediate payment service) Rs.200,000/- to Rs.500,000/- per transaction.


Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is an important payment system providing 24×7 instant domestic funds transfer facility and is accessible through various channels like internet banking, mobile banking apps, bank branches, ATMs, SMS and IVRS. The per-transaction limit in IMPS, effective from January 2014, is currently capped at ₹2 lakh for channels other than SMS and IVRS. The per-transaction limit for SMS and IVRS channels is ₹5000. With RTGS now operational round the clock, there has been a corresponding increase in settlement cycles of IMPS, thereby reducing the credit and settlement risks. In view of the importance of the IMPS system in processing of domestic payment transactions, it is proposed to increase the per-transaction limit from ₹2 lakh to ₹5 lakh for channels other than SMS and IVRS. This will lead to further increase in digital payments and will provide an additional facility to customers for making digital payments beyond ₹2 lakh. Necessary instructions in this regard would be issued separately.

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