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The Seychelles Treasure Islands

Breathtaking documentary on Seychelles, an island archipelago on the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Its a heaven on earth considering the vast number of pristine beaches, the natural forests to be found on the island. Tortoises are found in plenty as is the marine life which is quite spectacular.

The documentary takes through the coast of Mahe, Silhouette, Amerantes & La Digue with interesting tidbits about its history. Its apparently called a treasure island because some pirates have hidden some treasure somewhere in the island. So there are people still digging up here and there in the hope of finding some lost treasures.

The language spoken is Creole, its predominantly African in nature though it has some French influence because of the past colonisation by France.

There are some 155 islands with Victoria the capital being the biggest. Tourism is the mainstay of the country with some exports of copra, fisheries, cinnamon and vanilla. Lot of Indian films and TV serials and ad films are shot here for their locale and beauty.

The documentary does not go in depth into the economic and cultural life of the people of Seychelles, which would have been better. You can watch the documentary here.

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Mauritius – Paradise in the Indian Ocean

Breathtaking documentary on Mauritius – the island in the Indian Ocean that is everybody’s envy, honeymooners’ dream holiday, and that has got something for everybody.

Its situated towards the east of Madagascar and is part of the African continent, but the cultures, traditions, etc. are a mix of Indian and Creole. Many Indians came in here as sugar plantation workers and stayed back so it has a huge population of Indians with their own cultures, temples, traditions et al.

But most people come for the beaches and they are a plenty on the island, good clean beaches, with delicious Creole food, the best in hospitality. Marine life on the island is equally breathtaking so there is plenty of water sport going on here – scuba diving, ocean walk, gliding, swimming, diving, snorkeling etc.

It has got plenty of options for everybody – hiking, trekking, running, cycling, – all in all its heaven on earth.

The documentary is a pure narration form with no interviews whatsover. It does’nt dwell deep into the history or the cultures of the island. That would have been interesting.

You can watch the documentary here.

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