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Come Sundown

This is a kind of a mother of all western novel from Mike Blakely. It straddles generations as Honore Greenwood aka The Plenty Man, a runaway from France lands in an unlikely wild west to live a life as a Comanche, an Indian tribe. Greenwood or On’ry as he is sometimes called is a kind of do it all handy man for settling all kind of disputes among the tribes and also between the tribes and the white people.

He takes the side of the Union against the Texans and later fights the blue coats to stave off destruction of his Comanche tribe. Greenwood is a brilliant mind that could have become a doctor yet he ends up learning medicine from the local chieftain. He takes in a Cheyenne wife Westerly and that ends in a kind of tragedy.

Large section of the book dwells upon the indigenous Indians and their never ending fight against the white people who are out to massacre them and grab their lands and cattle and property. The narrative of Mike Blakely is absolutely magnificent in the sense that you start flowing with his words among the wild west territory and feeling for the natives of the land. Goodreads 5/5

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