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Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje

This is a kind of a combination of a music and dance movie somewhat like Grease but on a more classical scale, directed by the legendary Director V. Shantaram.

Starring Gopi Krishnan, an acclaimed dancer in the kathak style of dancing and coming from a family of distinguished classical dancers, this movie is all about Gopi Krishnan. Forget about anything else, just go and watch this movie purely for Gopi Krishnan dancing, its sensational, beautiful, lyrical, scintillating and magnificent.

Its basically a love story between two dancers against a rigid patriarchal society which frowns on romances. Shantaram has invested a lot in this movie, including his wife Sandhya in the lead role against Gopi Krishnan. Besides, the script, dialogues, music, singing, art direction, – all are top class.

Madan Puri comes in as villain in one of his early villainous roles whilst Manorama and Bhagawan provide some comic relief. Keshavrao Date as Gopi Krishnan has played a good role as the stern father. IMDB 6/10

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