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The Oldest Son

Beautiful Korean movie “The Oldest Son” (1984) starring Shin Sheong-Il, Tae-Hyun-Sil, Kim Il-hae and directed by Lee Doo-young.

Its a moving family movie around the love between parents and their children, and the responsibilities of the oldest son towards his parents and his family members.

The eldest son is the ideal one, studied well, and working in a top position in a company, with a family to boot including a perennially nagging wife who is always complaining about this and that. There is another son who is a do nothing sort of person and a third son who is quite young and dating a waitress.

The parents are forced to live in Seoul because their ancestral home has been washed away in the floods, so they are like forced to stay in one of the children houses. There is always the family tension, expenses, wife beating, children crying etc. to deal with.

The story is somewhat similar to the Tokyo Story made in 1954, which was an iconic film. The ending is quite beautiful and poignant. Makes one feel for the love between parents and children, its quite beautifully shown.

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