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I am the Clay

Agonising story of an old couple in Korea fleeing the war as a refugee as Chinese and North Korean forces attack the South.

The old couple are on the road with their meagre belongings in a cart when they come across a boy lying in a ditch, wounded and barely alive. The woman suddenly feels compassion towards the boy and starts the nurse him whereas the old grumpy man wants to move along. They pick up the boy and lay him on the cart and the woman nurses him day and night.

The reach a refugee camp by which time, the boy has restored his strength a little and starts being useful to the old couple, though bewildered he is. On the way to the camp, they are forced to stay a few days and nights in an old abandoned cave, where the old woman thinks both the old man and the boy would die. But that does not happen and she feels the boy has bought them good luck. The boy fishes in a nearby frozen pond and brings back fish for them to eat.

They reach back to their own village and find it miraculously intact. By now even the old man is convinced that the boy has some magical powers so he urges him to stay on. But the boy has to go to his own village to find his people there.

Its a beautiful moving story of love, hope, courage, redemption, in a war torn country. Goodreads 3/5

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