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The Green Butchers


The Green Butchers, a 2003 Danish film starring Mads Mikkelson, Line Kruse, Nikolaj Lie Kaas among others. It is a macabre movie involving two butchers who want to set their own shop because their boss is aristocratic. Well, they succeed in setting up their own set up, but no customer on the first date. Besides Svend (Mads Mikkelson) is a troubled character with too much anger on him, having problems with his wife, who leaves him because of his nastiness. Bjarne (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) is also nutcase having his own problems with his twin brother in a coma, his parents killed in car crash and again too much of anger issues. Astrid (Line Kruse) meets Bjarne in a crematorium, but their vibes start clicking much later. In the meanwhile an electrician working in the cold storage is stuck inside when Svend locks the shop and goes home. He discovers the horror next day and chops the human flesh with his own marinade and serves as chicky wickies which becomes a big hit. Bad movie to watch in times of corona crisis. Supposedly black humour as per wikipedia.

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